My name is Cindy Choate, and I have been training and breeding dogs for family companions since 1991. My love for the dogs led me to develop a program called Castlerock's Special Assisting Canines. Recently we have decided to drop the "Castlerock" from our website name due to confusion of the many other dog kennels that have adopted the same castlerock name as their own I.D. name
I worked periodically as an obedience instructor.
I consider myself to be a working animal behaviorist, dog trainer and humane service worker, teaching clicker training and other behavioral modification and basic obedience training skills.
Working with a Search an Rescue team and a registered Pet Partners Therapy programs such as presenting school/public demonstrations and with appropriately trained canines at outdoor festivals and special needs children in therapy events and fundraisers in my region. This has provided me with the skills needed to establish my own Special Assisting Canines group in 1994, providing special training or testing needed for service dog training.
I have trained dogs for guardianship of special needs children, mobility, hearing alertness and social therapy, and in addition to the public canine training. I have also spent a considerable amount of time to providing private instruction to the guardians of Special Assisting Canines. I find this work incredibly rewarding and have learned and gained so much from the experience.

​My Special Giant Schnauzers