Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines 

OUR DEPOSIT POLICY: If you wish to be on the wait list, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for. Your non-refundable deposit of $400.will hold your choice of the type of puppy you are looking for, and I will help you choose the best puppy for your needs. If you prefer not to put down a deposit, that’s fine also. Those with deposits will choose before those on the wait-list without deposits. Please fill out our puppy questioner form so I can know a little bit more about you and your family.

At Castlerock we have much experience with integrating a puppy into home life and developing the essential skills he/she will need to be a loving part of the family. We are amazed by the accelerated rate our puppies learn fundamental concepts using our methods and are happy to provide our puppy families the advantages of starting out with introduction of basic obedience in your companion puppy. Our puppies love to please, and it is a joy to see their eyes searching yours, asking what they can do for you. These puppies know to look to us for guidance, making eye contact and waiting for direction. This amazing amount of intelligence needs guidance Castlerock provides our Puppies and their new families the right direction to follow in order to strengthen their bond with their new puppy. These concepts and skills need to be continued after the puppies go home to their new families to help the puppy be the best companion he/she can be. 
Every family is different and will have different goals for their new puppy. We will work with each family to better understand their individual needs and tailor our program to make sure each puppy has the best start in their new homes. If you would like more information on this program please email 
Foundation Training ( 1 Week) (Free!)
This basic training program is provided for every puppy from Castlerock at no additional cost. Foundation training begins at 7 weeks of age, 

Foundation Introduction Puppy Training
•Learn his/her name and coming when called
•Begin crate training
•Begin house training (Note: Puppies are not fully house trained until 6-9 months of age.)
•Begin loose leash training
• Begin car riding etiquette 
•Learn to 'sit' and go 'in your bed' on command.
​*Learn to settle down and stand still
* Introduce the Rule of Seven

Families needing to board their puppy Castlerock after 9 weeks of age will be an additional fee of $20 a day. This boarding fee does not include advanced training. Speak with us about our continued training opportunities.
 We still have some 7 week old English Springer Spaniel Pups that have not been spoken for and will be available at 9 weeks of age. This European litter is from our Swedish import Luger and our CZR/US girl Lacy pups were born July 25,2017 
We are now taking $400 deposits to hold
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We have (3) adult dogs  available to companion homes  
Castlerocks Last man standing will be retiring and will be offered to a pet companion home.  with out registration papers.$300, He is 5 yr old low drive activity level in excellent health. 
Magnificent Martin.2 yr old.
 This beautiful American Bench style male champion blood lines, with a very thick show coat Health checks clear,is looking for a great home as a wonderful will have two options to choose from. Full AKC registration $1500 or go with out registration papers. $900.
Mighty Max is half European CZR 2 yr old very sweet boy $900 or option for full registration
These two pups were Breeders Choice for the next generation, but we have decided to wait a little longer and will be placing them up for adoption. pet companion price will be reduced for a limited time at $1300 each. If you wanted the option of full AKC it will be at a higher price
4 month old female medium activity level 
8 week old male medium  activity level