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 All Fees including purchase price & shipping charges are to be paid in full prior to the shipment of the animal.
 $500. Deposit to hold puppy is non refundable.

All puppies will be sold as "Pet Quality" and will hold no guarantees pertaining to breeding or show conformation or performance use.
How ever Seller will try and match the buyers "wish List" for desired conformation and temperament as close as possible. Puppies will be graded as to the AKC conformation and temperament with possible show prospects in mind.

Buyer must take new puppy to Vet with in 72 hours for wellness exam upon receiving new puppy.
All puppies come with a three day partial money back health guarantee. It is rare that this happens, but these conditions must be met in order to receive a refund.

The puppy and all of its information and registration papers must be returned with in 7 days of exam for the Purchase Price minus the Non refundable $500. deposit, in order to receive refund. 
All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

If your puppy fails its puppy wellness exam, buyer's Vet must state his diagnoses in writing the severe condition in which your puppy failed its exam.

We do not guarantee against Corona, Coccid, Guardia, Parvo after 72 hours from date of pick up. 
If your puppy fails the wellness exam and you choose to keep the puppy despite the vet's recommendation, No refund will be given.

Under no circumstance will Castlerock Kennel or its agents pay for any vet bills incurred from the wellness exam or treatment provided as a result of the exam.

All puppies also come with a limited 26 month hip guarantee, from date of birth,  provided:
* The Puppy must not have been bred or produced a  litter. 
* The dog must have been x-rayed for this condition by its 2nd birthday but not before 1 year old (reason being sometimes an early x-ray will not portray true results during growth spurts)
* Hip dysplasia must be ranked as Severe by OFA standards 
* Veterinarian's findings must be stated in writing and all records must be delivered to Castlerock.
 In the case of Failed exam Castlerock will replace your puppy, no money will be refunded. Owner must show proof of spay/neuter before a puppy replacement is designated. Castlerock is not responsible for any vet bills incurred from the diagnoses and or treatment provided by vet.

Note: prior to one year of age a puppy's bones are still growing and developing. Allowing the puppy to jump to high, pull heavy objects, or over exercise during the growing stage can cause health problems that would not have developed had the puppy's joints not been stressed. If Vet finds problem to be caused by injurie, no guarantee would be granted.

Note: A proper education on a healthy diet is the Key to raising a fast growing breed. It is essential to your dogs good health to supplement his/her diet with raw meat and raw vegetables. If using dry kibble we recommend using the highest quality premium dog food. If dog is found to be malnourished, no guarantee will be granted.

Note: Training essentially begins the minute you bring your dog home. During the first 6 months of a dog's life behavioral problems can develop that if left uncorrected can last a life time. Obedience programs must be enforced to enjoy a rewarding relationship while minimizing liability and grief.

After 26 months from date of birth all grantees terminated.

When receiving a puppy from My Special Giant Schnauzers, we will no longer provide AKC registration paper work with the puppy 
Buyer will receive a puppy Birth Certificate and other detailed health history and reading material at the time of departure. 

NOTE: We are providing a healthy wonderful family companion and will continue supporting our new puppy families as we have done for the past 35 years under the previous name of 
Castlerocks Special Assisting Canines. 

Buyer's Name and address and date .


 My Special Giant Schnauzers